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    I don’t even know

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  3. I’ve decided I am not going to pre-order Watchdogs for my PS4.

    I’m gonna wait and use the money to pre-order the collector’s Dragon Age Inquisition for my PC.

    I’ll pick up Watchdogs later with my Just Press Play store credit…

    Or I’ll just pick up the remastered The Last of Us with that and get Watchdogs when it is cheaper.

    I also wanna check out The Order,

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    can you imagine how disastrous this website’s going to be in october


    Not until about mid-October though.

    From the 7th until at least the 9th, all will be quiet.

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    First inquisitor will be…

    Reblog this for Elf

    Dwarf, QunariHuman

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    Évolution inversée

    these dont even look like him

    Well, when Picasso was starting out, cameras were becoming really popular, and traditional portraits of people were becoming really obsolete because of this. So a lot of painters at this time were trying to figure out how to keep people’s attention (this is how we got the impressionists and popartists). I’m pretty sure the story goes that Picasso went to some museum or show that displayed art from different countries and he was absolutely fascinated by the harsh angles and exaggerated features African masks. So he took inspiration from that and began to work on his own style- Cubism.

    And there’s your art history of the day ^.^

    Actually it also had a lot to do with ‘Seeing’. I am awful at explaining things, but cubism essentially is drawing something from 2 or more angles at once. Picasso was inspired by the harsh angles, yes, and the artists of the day that were doing some pretty far out things, but he was an artist through and through. He was exploring the process of sight. Not trying to keep himself from being obsolete.

    Also, when he was young he was learning technical skills, and to do that you do realism. Even savants don’t have technical skills right away. I actually wish more fine arts programs in colleges focused more on technical skills. You can paint what you want/feel once you know how to paint well.

    And that turned into a rant.

  8. Orphan Black Insider: Delphine

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    When my mom gives me the phone to talk to my relatives


    When your phone rings at all ever

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    how much do islands cost i want one

    Less than a college education


    what the fuck

    are you telling me i can create and rule my own nation for less than the price of college

    for less than the price of college for one year

    Why the hell didn’t I do this instead?